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The Parish Council's annual governance & accountability statements can be found here and here, and the accompanying notes can be found here.

Gweek Parish Council meets in the Reading Room on the third Tuesday of each month, with the exception of August when there is no meeting. Meetings commence at 7.30pm and parishioners are welcome to attend. Time is set aside at each meeting for public participation when members of the public are invited to raise items. It should be noted that this is the only part of the meeting when members of the public are permitted to speak and that the Parish Council is unable to discuss an item unless it is included on the agenda. Therefore, if the matter is not already on the agenda for that meeting, it will not be discussed in full until a future meeting. A wide range of topics are covered at meetings and an agenda for each meeting is displayed on the parish notice board.

Cornwall Council is the authority responsible for planning, highways, public rights of way and numerous issues affecting the parish. However, such matters can be raised with Gweek Parish Council at Parish Council meetings, or by contacting Mrs JM Nicholas, Clerk to the Council, 32 Meneth, Gweek, Helston, Cornwall, TR12 6UW, telephone 07969 672865.

Please see the parish notice board (by the lower entrance to Meneth) for information relating to the Parish Council and for details of planning applications submitted for sites within the parish. Planning applications can also be viewed online here

Parish Councillors:

Councillor KR Allon (Chairman)

Councillor P R Williams (Vice Chair)

Councillor Mrs J Brickhill

Councillor Mrs D R Cash

Councillor JJ Gyll-Murray

Councillor TR Mackie

Councillor F Delves

Cornwall Councillor Mr W Sanger is Cornwall Council’s Ward Member for Gweek.

The parish of Gweek was formed in 1985. Previously, Gweek was split between the parishes of Constantine, Mawgan-in-Meneage and Wendron. The first meeting of Gweek Parish Council was also the first Annual Meeting of the Parish Council and was held on 16th April 1985.

Members of the original Parish Council. Taken on 1st April 1985.

Councillor WT Hichens, Councillor RA Hemsley, Councillor EDH Freeman, Councillor

Mrs CS Philpott, Councillor JHH Noye, Councillor GD Peters and Councillor BT Kemp.

Parish Council Contact Details

Clerk to the Council:

Mrs JM Nicholas

32 Meneth




TR12 6UW

Telephone number: 07969 672865



Councillor K R Allon

Darley Oaks

Parc Bottom



TR12 7AQ

Telephone Number: 01326 221658

Meeting Dates: Third Tuesday of each month excluding August when there is no meeting, at teh Reading Room, Gweek commencing at 7.30pm.