Zelda School

We are a uniquely ecological school set in the beautiful Cornish countryside. We are a green school running in two yurts, powered by wind with a compost loo's and water from a borehole. We have a large garden and aim to grow as much of our own food as possible.

We aim to develop happy, self-disciplined and motivated individuals, with the skills and knowledge to be self sufficient.

We are Ofsted registered. We last had an Ofsted inspection November 2009 when they rated us a good school and we have had many visits from Local Education Authority advisors who have always put us in the Green category, meaning they feel the school is doing well and does not need further support. In fact they often recommend colleagues and other setting come to visit us and we are looking forward to Ofsted’s next inspection when I hope we will be rated an excellent school.

                                    For more information visit www.zeldaschool.co.uk